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Materials that comfort people navigating through grief

Small gestures remind us we’re loved and supported during trying times. We curate materials to bring comfort in the face of hardship.


We make it simple and efficient for you to deliver ongoing support to those you serve.
You care for them and this is how we care for you.

For hospices managing standardized bereavement care programs

For hospitals helping patients and families navigate through loss

For assisted living centers seeking to extend the care you provide

For funeral homes bringing closure to loved ones in mourning

Introducing our 13-month Grief Mail Series (GMS) designed to guide people through the first year of their grief.

Say the right words at the right time

The six mailers in the GMS align with recipients’ stage of mourning, sharing reflections and recommendations tailored for their stage of grief.


Documented for your records, the GMS is a meaningful approach to meeting federal requirements.


Customize your Grief Mail Series to remind families of your continued care. We can customize for you or you can customize your materials yourself with a message, logo, & contact information.

30 Days After the Loss

30 Days

3 Months After the Loss

3 Months

6 Months After the Loss

6 Months

9 Months After the Loss

9 Months

11 Months After the Loss

11 Months

13 Months After the Loss

13 Months

To see the full range of The Hope Through Healing Grief Mail Series issues including holiday, suicide, baby loss, and more, click here.

“I consistently hear over and over again how meaningful the Grief Series is, and how helpful it is, and I just want to pass that along to you – because it is certainly a relief and a comfort for me to feel we’re reaching as many people as possible, especially those who might not want to receive phone support or come to a support group. I really appreciate being able to partner with you and to share this really helpful information. It makes us feel proud to share the Hope Through Healing Grief Series with our families!”

Karen Murphy,  Bereavement Coordinator


Sympathy Cards

Designed to complement our Grief Mail Series, our sympathy cards bring comfort to those facing a moment of loss while creating connection to the rest of their journey. Our Sympathy Cards include a trifold design, soothing scenes from nature, and a customizable center panel for personal notes and signatures.

Sympathy Card Secular Folded

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